4.29.2014 | Email from Joshua Shank, composer of Spring based on Sara Teasdale’s poem There Will Come Soft Rains

“It’s such a moving poem and I can only imagine how beautiful the Choral Project must sound on it. You all are truly one of America’s great choirs and I love every time I’ve had the great fortune to have a piece of mine on one of your programs.”

1.30.2014 | Charles Frost, Tour Director for the Santa Clara Vanguard

“I was blown away by the choir! Truly inspiring and amazing.”

1.28.2014 | Chuck Daellenbach, founding member of the world-renowned Canadian Brass

“From the brilliant choral work to the inspired selection of music, Artistic Director Daniel Hughes proved to be a skilled colleague. This was a collaboration we will be hoping to soon repeat!”

2013 | Kirke Mechem in support of Daniel Hughes’ 2013 Artist Laureate Award

“I was so impressed with this outstanding chorus that they were my first choice when I was asked by the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) to pick any chorus in the country to present a 50-year retrospective of my works.”

2013 | Nationally known composer and arranger Mac Huff in support Hughes’ 2013 Artist Laureate Award

“He has built an amazing group of singers who are setting new artistic standards in the choral music field.”

12.16.2012 | Email from Michael Touchi, composer of Buen Shabbat/Ocho Kandelikas, performed at Winter Gifts: Light

Daniel, I couldn’t find you after the concert tonight, but I wanted to thank you for all the work on Buen Shabbat/Ocho Kandelikas. The choir was amazing and I appreciate the attention, life and fun they gave to the piece. I also wanted to congratulate you for your own piece.. it’s gorgeous. I sat there tonight, just enjoying being taken on a beautiful musical journey. Bravo. (I’m thinking that many choirs will be wanting to perform that work.)

Please express my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to everyone in The Choral Project. Magnificent music-making!

All my best for a happy season,
Michael Touchi

04.29.2012 | Review by Michael Tierra from Peninsula Reviews

The performance … by the San Jose Choral Project can only be described in superlatives – transporting, sublime, transcendental.”

Every program by Daniel Hughes and the Choral Project is special, but after having heard them many times, Saturday evening’s program at Holy Cross Church literally soared to a new high, carrying mind and spirit upwards with music by three of the greatest living choral composers, Arvo Part (b. 1935), John Taverner (b. 1944) and Eric Whitacre (b. 1970).

12.23.2011 | Email from Ben Allaway, composer of Pacem

Good gravy, what a stunning ensemble you have! In every way one can be moved– the smallest nuance which the entire ensemble effects as one; the vibrant tone and unity of approach in each section, no rogue tenors or sopranos attempting to steer the rest; musicality; joy evident in the sound, which means they have permission (from you, to your credit) to really throw themselves into it, and their talent and sense of mission is so deep that they can do so without fear of breaching the choral aesthetic.

Thank you for this lovely Christmas gift, Daniel.


12.19.2011 | Email from Joshua Shank, composer of A Christmas Carol and Musica animam tangens:

Wow, Daniel. Just. Wow.

That was one of the most moving performances of a piece of my music that I have ever heard. I am so grateful you asked me to undertake that journey and live with that piece [A Christmas Carol] again. I love love love it, Daniel! I don’t know how you pulled it off but, for some reason, between the end of the piece and the applause you can actually “hear” the audience listening. I’ve only ever felt this one other time when I heard a live recording of Karen Thomas and the Seattle Pro Musica’s live version of “winter.”

Thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas present and I look forward to thanking you in person some time in the future. You are such a wonderful collaborator! Please tell your fellow collaborators in the choir and orchestra that they have my heartfelt thanks for the work they did to bring that piece to life.

Ongoing thanks,

12.18.2011 | Email from Neil Ginsberg, composer of The Garten Mother’s Lullaby:

“So awesome! Made my day!…..week!…..okay, year!

I loved the balance between the choir, strings and pipes. It was about all the elements coming together without overwhelming each other and I thought you did a great job with yet. Beautiful playing and expressive singing. You have a wonderful choir that really “gets it”.

Please extend my thanks to your musicians! What a wonderful opportunity this was for me!”

Best wishes,

11.5.2010 | Email from Jonathan Willcocks, composer of Musical Risotto:

“By chance (actually because my 11-year-old was on the net prying into what her Daddy gets up to!), I happened to see your extremely entertaining performance of my work ‘Musical Risotto’ on YouTube recently. You entered into the spirit of the piece exactly as I hope that choirs should (and not all do) and I thought that the projected text also added greatly to the overall effect.

One small problem though – my 11-year-old daughter now wants to know what the musical term ‘ffing‘ at the end means…”

Bravo to you all and best wishes,
Jonathan Willcocks

6.9.2007 | Email from Kirke Mechem, composer of Blow Ye the Trumpet

“I love this choir…I always have and always will.”

10.2.2007 | From San Jose Mercury News

“There’s nothing subtle about why this is one of the best-sounding choirs you’ll ever hear.”

6.6.2005 | Email from Stephen Schwartz, composer of Kéramos (written specifically for The Choral Project)

“I just was blown away…I thought the choir was so terrific. And I liked the adventurousness of the music.”

From our many fans:

“How can the choir keep getting better with each performance, when each performance is near perfection?”

“In a word, EXCEPTIONAL!”

“Incredible tone, articulation, phrasing, musicality, better than 90% of most choral concerts.”

“…a riveting experience!”

“My God, what a marvelous choir. You went way beyond notes and words on the page to something vastly more spiritual and meaningful! In my fifty-four years on this earth, I’ve SELDOM heard that heart touching musical message. Bravo!”

“I’ve not experienced such terrific programming in a choral program.”

“…never heard a group which seemed so committed to what they were singing – who really meant what they were singing.”

“A soul-lifting experience.”

“I am so grateful to be able to expand my musical horizons, with your help.”