Can anyone enter events?
Yes, and please do!  It’s free, and LiveSV exists to help you promote your events!  Click this link to get started:

How do I submit my event?
1) First, someone else may have already entered your event. It’s always smart to type your Organization’s name into the Search box and look at upcoming events for that Organization. That way, you can see if your event is already listed.
2) Click the “Event Listing” link under “Submit” in the footer to take you to our form. Please note: Don’t create an Organization unless you’re sure it’s not already on the site. LiveSV lists hundreds of Organizations, and you’ll be able to choose it on our Event Submission form in most cases, which will save you time.
3) Make sure to read the guidelines and then proceed to fill out the form accordingly.

Is it possible to edit event listings for my organization?
Yes. Once you’ve established your free account, please write to with your username and the name of the organization you wish to moderate. We will write you back when your account is linked to that Org. From then on, you will be able to edit past, current and future event listings for that organization.

My log-in doesn’t seem to work. Can you help?
Important: Even if you’re on our mailing list, even if you’ve bought tickets from us before, that doesn’t mean you have a User Account with us. If you created one on, you should be able to use the same Username and Password on If you’re having difficulty logging in and have nothing associated with your old account (e.g. an Artist Profile, bookmarks), we recommend simply creating a new account. If you’re sure you have an existing account, want to recover it, and need help with the password, please email

Can two co-sponsoring Organizations submit the same event?
There should be one event listing per event, so just one of the two co-sponsors should submit the listing. However, the submitter can select both organizations on the listing. By doing so, the event listing will be linked on each organization’s page.


LiveSV Geography


What area does LiveSV cover?
LiveSV covers events in Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, cities in southern and western Alameda County (including Fremont, Hayward, Newark, Pleasanton, Sunol and Union City), and two cities in Santa Cruz County (Felton and Scotts Valley).

My organization is based in Santa Cruz. Can it have its own page?
If your organization isn’t headquartered within our defined geographic area, it will not be stored in our permanent database. If your organization has performances in our area, however, you’re encouraged to post those events to

Why do I occasionally see performing groups from San Francisco and other areas on the site?
If the event is occuring at a venue within our area, it can appear on the site. For example, you may see a listing featuring the San Francisco Symphony if it is performing at the Flint Center in Cupertino. However, the San Francisco Symphony does not have a permanent organization page since it is based outside of our area.


More About Event Submissions


Does it cost money to have an event listed?
No. It’s free!

Where else does my event listing appear?
Depending on the geographic location and the nature of your event, your event may also appear on:  San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Team San Jose site, Content Magazine, City of Saratoga’s Community Events, and other sites via special LiveSV widgets.

I need to change some info about my event.  Where can I do that?
Click the Suggest a Change link in the footer.




How do you choose which events get featured each week?
LiveSV team members select a wide variety of events to feature each week. We try to showcase events from different areas, from organizations both large and small, and with an eye to representing the rich variety of events in the greater Silicon Valley. Selections are made with the general public in mind and are not paid for, nor can particular placement be requested at this time. If organizations want to be featured on LiveSV, we have a variety of banner and other advertising opportunities available.

How do I advertise on LiveSV?
Please visit our Advertise With Us page for more information.

Where do I address further questions?
You’re welcome to send us an e-mail at, and we’ll be happy to help!